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​What do you like least about your home? If it were financially possible, what would you change? Have you given it any thoughts, like writing down a description or sketching out what you would like to see? Have you shopped for materials and developed your budget? Are you ready to hire? 

Whatever your stage in the process, we can help with real answers. Your home remodeling project, whether it is a bathroom, a kitchen, or a full addition onto your home, would be our pleasure to complete for you.  

Help Around The House and TRICO General Contracting gives you the attention and personal service you expect, project after project.

Let's face it, it's hard to find people who will not only show up but do the work you want, not what they want to do. Too many people have told us about hiring someone to do a job and half-way through are told, "I don't do ....." What? Who takes a job they can't complete or aren't' equipped or licensed to do? 

You won't have that problem with us. Once we meet with you, our project manager will tell you whether or not the job is feasible, within your budget, and whether or not we can do it (safely, within budget and according to local building codes). He also has the freedom to say "No" to any project. 

If our project manager identifies something that doesn't jibe, he has the authority to refuse to take on a job. No one is free to say "Yes" unless they are given the freedom to say "No". That belief is doubly true concerning projects were things just aren't adding up.

Our project manager knows that when he comes out to discuss your project, you are interviewing him to see if you are comfortable with his leadership, with our company, with our approach. You are free to tell him "Yes" or "No." 

Likewise, our project manager has the same right.

That's called "Integrity." Integrity is not something you have or don't, it's not static, it's something you are always improving on. 

Integrity is when you do the right thing even when no one else is looking, because its the right thing to do.

Are you a customer with Integrity? Do you do your homework before you waste a professional's time and yours? Have you at least looked at the cost of materials like new flooring (carpet, tile, wood, etc.)? Or, are you still thinking what that deck cost 20 years ago, and looking to get that same deal? 

Mistakes don't negate Integrity, but Integrity can negate mistakes. Allow us to build Integrity in a way that is meaningful to you. That's customer service.

Sam Shorrosh - Owner
Help Around The House
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Currently serving Baldwin County, Alabama.
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Have storms damaged your property? We specialize in working with insurance companies of all kinds. Call us for all your needs, from clean up to rebuilding we can put things right again.
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Remodeling - kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, dining room
New Construction - decks, patios, pergola, screened in porch, fencing, storage buildings, barns, garages, mother-in-law suite, pool house, stables, concrete and asphalt driveway
Flooring - hardwood, engineered, carpeted, tiled, concrete (finished), vinyl
Roofing - shingles, wood shakes, steel, aluminum, slate
Interior - drywall, painting, faux finishes, trim work, molding, doors, windows

If you’re looking for high-end quality workmanship for a reasonable price and personable service, you've come to the right place: Help Around The House.

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In 2012, our business grew to the point we added a licensed Alabama general contractor and homebuilder to our staff. Dan Parks, President of TRICO General Contracting is my business partner and the go-to-guy for all projects. Don't be surprised when you contact us and Dan is the one who calls you back. He has my absolute confidence and trust and so should you. 

Dan and I have the same beliefs and same sense of rightness concerning every project. That means, we reserve the right to turn down any project. Why would we do that? Simple, there are people who would ask us to compromise our faith and our ideals. Recently, we were asked to falsify the scope of insurance damage on a project, so the homeowner could avoid paying their deductible. Can you imagine trying to get your physician to do that on a co-pay? Also, when people compromise on workmanship or want us to ignore building codes, our answer is a definite, "No thanks." 

We make an HONEST living and if that means we lose a project or refuse a project every now and then, its worth it to be men of integrity. That's who we are and we don't apologize. 
Find us on Angie's List where we have earned an "A" rating for our customer service, pricing, skill level and integrity.