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Beginning with volunteer work in 2011, helping senior adults in our church, we grew rapidly into a multifaceted business that provides a full range of home repair, remodeling, renovation and restoration services. 

Today, our organization includes a design-and-build general contractor (DAN Parks) with over 30 years experience who oversees our teams of craftsmen and licensed professionals including electricians, plumbers, air conditioner and heating specialists, roofers, carpenters, painters, concrete and brick specialists who can build, repair or remodel just about anything. All construction projects are performed through TRICO General Contracting, by Dan Parks our Alabama licensed general contractor and home builder. Dan's phone: 251-401-8242.
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Hello Friends, our owner Sam Shorrosh recently discovered he has male breast cancer. This rare disease affects less than 0.5% of all men who get cancer. Within a few weeks of diagnosis, Sam had both breasts removed and a sentinel lymph gland was biopsied. Thankfully, the cancer doesn't seem to have spread beyond his chest area. However, he now faces up to 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatments. As a result, we ask that you refer all your questions and concerns to his partner, Mr. Dan Parks, who also happens to be our General Contractor and Master Carpenter in-residence. If you wish to express your support, a link has been provided below for a website where you can wish him well or donate as the Spirit of God leads you. We thank you for your support during this difficult time.